Thursday, November 26, 2009

Red Hot & Pinky

With a little extra time over the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to get out the sewing machine and finally attempt to make some softies. I made three in all and we christened them with the names Pinky, Red Hot and Bobo. Little Bobo was my first attempt and admittedly I made some mistakes but in the end his quirky charms won Tess over and he was her favorite of the three little monsters. I timed the last of the dolls to get an idea of how long each was taking and it came in at about an hour and 12 minutes from start to completion. I had a lot of fun and plan on making a few more softies for the holidays as gifts. Each doll comes out a little different and you can play with hundreds of fabric combinations and facial details. The best part was watching T covet her new dollies knowing that I made them and they came out better than I had hoped.

Wool Felt - 4 colors (face, body, eyes, mouth)
Yarn- 2 colors (eyes & whip stitches)
Thread - 3 colors (eyes, mouth, face)
Doll Stuffing

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