Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Step

In just a few months Tess is will be turning two. I can't believe how quick these years have gone by and how big she is getting. In these next few weeks my plan is to work on several crafts that will hopefully serve as a reminder to me of these special "little girl" days. There are many pre-assembled kits for making baby prints that can be picked up at craft stores but we wanted to control the materials so that we would be able to make the same stepping stones every year to mark her birthday. We got all the materials at the local hardware store and spent less than five dollars on everything and we have left over for next year. We started out by mixing concrete as per directions and once ready scooped the mixture into the plastic plant liner we used as a mold. Next we rubbed olive oil on Tess' feet and let her press lightly into the concrete. To finish it off Daddy scribed TP2 to mark her birthday and we let everything dry for 48 hours before removing the liner. You can embellish with stones and marbles etc but we are saving that for when Tess can decorate them herself...that's for next year.

Quickmix Concrete
Plastic plant liner
Olive oil
Mixing container
Stir Stick

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome Bear

This past week a very dear friend of mine welcomed her second child - a daughter named Georgia into the world. I can attest that if she is anything like her mom the overall population of amazing people just increased by one. We wanted to make something special for her so Tess and I decided on sewing this sweet little mama bear. This was my first attempt at this little stuffie and although somewhat harder to construct than our previous monsters she came out pretty cute. Here is a pic of the final outcome and of us wrestling the bear away from Tess so we could pack her up for her trip out to San Francisco. Welcome Georgia. We can't wait to meet you.