Monday, January 13, 2014

Fairy Garden

We finally got around to setting up our fairy garden. Back in August we bought Tess a fairy cottage. She loves fairies and she has her very own fairy living in our front tree who leaves all kinds of tokens of affections for her. Sometimes she leaves seashells, sometimes the tree hole she resides in is covered in glitter and sometimes she even leaves magical animal totems. We love our fairy, even though make-believe is a bit taboo at her montessori school, magical is just the way things are around our house. We worked this weekend on getting a mini lawn and and the landscaping basics down it. It was a great start to building our fairy house. For anyone looking to build your own fairy garden, Hobby Lobby has a great selection of inexpensive mini garden elements. We purchased the cottage from Amazon, and had the fairies figurines left over from the fairy cake/party we had for Tess when she turned 5. The pea rock, soil, and edging all came from Lowes. We are looking forward to planting some scale greenery when the weather gets a bit more predictable. Check back to see the progress on our little magical world.