Monday, October 28, 2013


Everyone needs a little break from routine. Since the start of school this year it seems that every moment has been scheduled and accounted for. We all get a little burned out following the calendar and tracking our every class and playdate, no matter how fun they might be. Just so happens that this weekend was another of those over scheduled weeks where just getting to all the activities seems exhausting. We had several things on the calendar for downtown so I thought it might be interesting to stay downtown and walk to our venues and play tourist in our own hometown. Oh yes we were busy, two shows in the Theatre District, brunch with friends and a costume event at the zoo. We stayed at the Hotel Icon and amazingly avoided traffic and arrived on time for EVERYTHING. kinda rare around here. This is definitely something we would do again. It was pretty great not nagging the kids to hurry up, letting them get a sense of their own downtown and having someone else do all the cooking and cleaning up. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lost Weekend

It has been so long since a post, I go back in forth with to post or not to post. Part of me thinks I should be better preserving these snapshots of our precious fleeting time and part of me thinks my time would be better spent making more memories. I'm torn but today I'm thinking just start again, make it quick so that maybe just maybe I can accomplish both goals. I have a lot a catching up to do so I'll start with posting a few images of our get away weekend in Bastrop Texas. The kids love when we have a "country" get away. They go gaga over the animals, the big sky and running & playing weekend cowboys & cowgirls. This was the first year that Theo jumped at the opportunity to ride the longhorns, he even hammed up the experience by posing with his drawn on mustache. It was probably the last weekend for lazy river rides and all day lounging in the pool. The weather has just started to hint of fall and temperatures in the day were around 73 and then dropped to 51 in the evenings. Just perfect for our sweet family escape.