Monday, October 1, 2012

Super 4

It was a crazy summer. Running after a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old left little time for any fun mom activities like sewing, blogging, reading or coming up with any new recipes. Now that school is back on I'm hoping to rediscover my old friends Singer and Breville. One project that I had to squeeze in was to make a cape for the little misses 4th birthday. I squeezed it in the night before we were to fly out at 7am for Florida, started pattern making and cutting after the T's went to bed at 9 and finished up just in time to pack out family bags and get a few hours of shut eye. I decided to do a super 4 cape for her instead of making another birthday crown. In hindsight I wish I did't wait until the last minute on this one, it was the first time I worked with satin...slippery - and the silver pleather was a big pain. FYI it sticks to the feeder foot and won't run through so I ended up using vellum paper to back it so I could slide through, worked. It was a rush job but she loved it all the same.