Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Standing Tall

Theo just rounded the corner on his 8th month. His little personality is really starting to shine through and boy do I love this little monkey. He is so fulled with wonder and amazement at his new world that he just couldn't wait to start pulling up, standing and creeping about the house. He has been crawling now for about two months and I think he just might walk early. I think the idea of keeping up with big sis is a big motivator. Along with being very physical he is also sweet & loving (minus the occasional bite), his favorite past time is playing the piano and squealing in delight.

I give a lot of thought as to what kind of boy Theo will be and what kind of things will he be interested in. Wondering if he's going to be sporty or brainy, into science or comics looking to Matt wondering if he will be just like dad. I'm not overly concerned about the specifics as long as he is happy - it's more of a fascination with how different he is from Tess and how wonderfully boylike he is.

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