Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed off to Bastrop for Memorial Day Weekend. It was our first overnighters with the whole family and I wasn't so sure how baby Theo was going to manage the long drive and unfamiliar sleeping arrangements. We decided to head out on Thursday about the same time as his morning nap and we got 3/4 of way there before he woke up and demanded some out of the car time which was expected - we were all hungry for lunch. When we arrived Lost Pines we were all excited to go exploring and get in some lazy river time. Tess is at that age where she can appreciate all the outdoor activities and Theo is small enough to not really care so we were in vacation bliss the whole weekend. Tess loved interacting with the animals and our room overlooked pastures with longhorn cows, horses, alpacas and miniature donkeys. I was really surprised that some of the best times we had were right in our room we had small moments filled with kisses and cuddles. It amazes me to see how much Tess and Theo love each other, he adores her and she can always get him to smile. Tess takes such pride in being his big sister and always wants to be included in helping us out with the baby. Everything was just perfect we ended up extending our trip by another day and I am already pining to get back to those Pines.

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