Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zoo Boo Day

In anticipation of a distracted Halloween we are taking every early opportunity to dress up and celebrate the magical season early. This past Friday Daddy took the morning off and we ventured to the zoo to partake in the annual zooboo. We originally put together this fairy costume a few months ago to attend a themed birthday party and T ended up wearing the outfit for about an hour.I wanted to get some additional wear out of it and Halloween is the perfect opportunity. It had been killing me that I didn't made a new costume for T but she was plenty excited to dress up in her fairy costume once more. My blue fairy looked like a dream walking around the reflecting pool and among the suspended pumpkin. This was our second year to zoo boo and the first time that Tess was able to pick up on the fact that other kids were dressed up as well.Oh so much fun.

Fabric Dye
Coat Hangers for wings
Dyed Panty hose for wings
Dyed Leotard
Dyed Fake flower
Satin Ribbon

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