Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well... still no baby yet, however I was some what reassured today by an magazine article that said "no pregnancy has EVER gone on indefinitely". I was beginning to have my doubts. We finally got some pictures of the soon to be occupied baby nursery. Since we are about to start a major house renovation I was on the fence about putting any effort into a temporary space knowing that for the most part the little guy would be sleeping in our room for the next few months. In the end Daddy & I both decided that with just a little effort we could convert a tiny room we used for storage into a sweet space for our little guy. Long term plans were to move him into our current room once the renovation was completed since we will be getting a larger bedroom, but after seeing how charming his little room came out we may just keep him there for a wee be longer. My favorite part of the room is the Rube Goldbergeque mural on the wall I think the whole space is just perfect.

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