Monday, September 27, 2010

Robot Mobile

Count down just 15 days before baby arrives and I finally got that baby mobile finished. It was a quick, easy and inexpensive project that really helped to complete our mini baby room. My nesting tendencies are in full swing but because we have a renovation gearing up I have been reluctant to tackle any house projects and it's driving me kinda crazy. To keep my mind off of the need to "fix" everything I have been working on making frozen meals to stock up the freezer and trying to sneak in a few more sewing projects. Sitting at the machine with this huge belly is getting to be a bit of a challenge so any projects tend to be quick and easy ones. The mobile was a two day project that I worked on in mini sessions. The first day I sewed and stuffed the little felt bots and the second day Matt helped me hang the fishing line to the silver painted embroidery ring and attach it to the ceiling. I really didn't get a great shot of the completed mobile the room is very small and hard to photograph but I think this weekend I will try again to get some pictures of the finished nursery. I used my bag of fabric scraps to crate this mobile so my only expense was a $3.49 embroidery ring, sure pays to keep those little scraps around.

Fishing line
Silver spray paint
Embroidery ring

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